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Riverside Manor Announces Partnership with Connect 2 Care

At Riverside Manor, our commitment to providing exceptional care for our residents has always been at the forefront of our mission. It's with this unwavering dedication to our residents' well-being that we're thrilled to announce our partnership with Connect 2 Care, a trusted name in home-based care.

Home-based care is a temporary option for our residents when our care centre is full, providing comfort while they await care centre availability.

Our decision to choose Connect 2 Care as our preferred provider is not a random one. It's a choice born from a shared set of values and a long history of working together. At Riverside Manor, we believe in a comprehensive approach to care and giving focused attention to each one of our residents. Connect 2 Care not only embraces these values but also takes them to heart, going the extra mile to create meaningful connections between patients and carers.

We've worked with Connect 2 Care for many years, and their dedication to quality care has consistently impressed us. Our partnership is a natural evolution of our shared mission to provide the best possible care for our residents, ensuring they receive the support and attention they deserve.

This partnership with Connect 2 Care allows us to continue our commitment to providing a comprehensive range of care options. We understand that no two residents are the same, and our collaboration with Connect 2 Care allows us to offer tailored solutions for those who require temporary home-based care.

Riverside Manor and Connect 2 Care together promise a brighter and more comfortable solution for residents who need to be cared for in the comfort of their own homes while they await availability at our care centre. We look forward to embarking on this journey together and ensuring that our residents remain our top priority.

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