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Unlocking Financial Freedom: Riverside Manor’s Collaboration with Water Financial

Updated: Jun 5

Retirement is usually seen as a time to relax, put your feet up, and enjoy the fruits of your labour. But, the reality can be quite different. People are living longer, and with the cost of living and healthcare on the rise, many retirees find it hard to manage their finances. Understanding these challenges, Riverside Manor Retirement Estate has teamed up with Water Financial so that our homeowners are able to access long term finance solutions by using their homes at Riverside as collateral. This exciting arrangement was set in motion on the basis of the empirical evidence that supports the  attractiveness and liquidity of freehold and sectional title properties owned by residents at Riverside.


If you haven't heard of Water Financial before, this company specialises in home equity finance, unlocking hidden value in your home to achieve customised financial support for individuals during their retirement. With their tailored solutions, retirees can confidently navigate their financial needs.


A Resident's Journey to Financial Freedom


To truly understand the impact and benefits of this solution, we spoke with one of our residents who graciously shared their recent journey with Water Financial. This resident, like many other retirees, found their dream of a peaceful and comfortable retirement clouded by financial woes. Life had thrown some unexpected curveballs, and despite careful planning, their savings just weren't enough to support the lifestyle they had imagined. The stress of trying to make ends meet while enjoying their golden years was overwhelming.


When the resident found out about the home equity finance option on offer from Water Financial, they decided to give it a try. They filled out a form on Water Financials’ website and were pleasantly surprised to receive a call the same day. It was not just quick; it was reassuring.


Unlike the frustrating automated systems that have become common in the financial industry, they were greeted by a friendly, understanding representative from Water Financial. This person patiently walked them through the entire process, addressing all concerns and answering every question with empathy and clarity.


The owners of our operating company also played a crucial role. They coordinated seamlessly with Water Financial, ensuring that the entire process was smooth and stress-free. This support reinforced the resident's confidence that they were making the right decision.


What stood out most to this individual was the simplicity and efficiency of the process. From the initial inquiry to the approval of the loan, everything was handled seamlessly. Instead of making compromises, they can now relish their retirement to the fullest. During our conversation with this resident, they shared how the monthly income they now receive provides comfortable coverage for expenses while allowing them to indulge in beloved activities. Moreover, they valued the privacy this option affords. Being able to manage finances independently, without having to turn to family for support or share personal financial concerns with friends and neighbours, adds an extra layer of peace to the process.


This financial product is a game-changer for retirement. It gives you the freedom you need, just when you need it most. Knowing you've got a steady income coming in lets you relax and really soak up the good life here at our beautiful estate.


If other retirees are facing similar financial challenges, we recommend exploring the home equity finance solution offered through Water Financial. The process is simple, the people are wonderful, and the outcome can significantly enhance your quality of life. First step is to make contact with either Malcolm Lobban or Deon Steyn.

We will of course always encourage you to involve your financiel advisor in the process.

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